A delightful blend of soft cream, layered in a perfect crust sweetened with biologic sugar.


If you need an extra boost of chocolate. Fresh Phili cream cheese, pure chocolate and a dust topping of cocoa powder.

Chocolate Cheesecake

These chocolate creations are the ultimate in pure brownie experience. Absolutely no nuts and absolutely delicious. A dry cracked crust on the outside and a rich deep soft chocolate flavor on the inside. It's a great delicious flavor of fudgy and cakey taste. Best serve with a scoop of vanillia ice cream.


This Vanilla Bundt cake is irresitible because of the softness of plain cake, lightly crowned with sugar powder.

Bundt Cake

Not just a Chocolate Cake. It's a melting of pure chocolate and cake all together that makes the perfect taste. With pure ingredients of plain flour and the best quality of cocoa.

Chocolate Cake